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Due Sicilie

Hoist the sails of separation

by Nicola Zitara

(traduzione di Rosario De Angelis del Gruppo Briganti Facebook - 29 settembre 2012)

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South Italy is living a situation anymore supportable In fact the demarcation between the two parts of the italian country is becoming increasingly pronounced. The southern income (the real, more then statistic) has collapsed to the point to say that the cost of the living in the south is 15% lower than in the north. With regard to the income per head a working person (exceptionally) employed cannot make more than eight hundred euro a month, the salary of a local housemaid is just above half the gain of a non-EU citizen. Despite this situation overstay northern rates and public prices. Where the marketplace doesn't work rates and public prices don't adjust to the southern situation. A base medical certificate costs 25 euro as in Milan, that is one-thirtieth of a monthly salary, while in Milan is pair to one-sixtieth. Woe then to chance upon into to the offense for a no parking or an irregular overtake. Goes half the monthly income. The supply of water, electricity, gas suffer more onerous fees than those commonly currents in the North. Garbage fee is breathtaking.

Opposite this situation the old political staff is hesitant if accept or refuse division in two states. It would be better not bother to study the concrete situation to change the Unitarianism tariff., taking the change at the level of municipalities, provinces, regions and State. In earlier times the Lombardy obtained a tax treatment different from that national asserting the higher costs of a different agricultural structure. The same thing needs to be done today because the laws of that time were not changed, but strengthened.

The reasoning goes to the politicians of the national caliber needs to be done to the growing number of people today would like commit to the separation. These people are clear that it is good that the separation is likely to be the meeting of a board of directors whose object national bonds and dividends and certainly not the clash of two armies in arms. This fact must begin to seriously consider and review such as "who is the revenue from VAT", if to the production area (the North) or to the consumer (South) because this particular tax is as such a consumption duty. And we know that the consumption duty is due ever to municipalities and local realities in which it occurs.

The above is an exemplification of the mental preparation to separation into two States that self-adjust their current relationship. Lawiers, economists, statisticians, must to prepare for this mental gymnastics forecasts and calculations, otherwise the separation will prove to the South more disadvantages than a benefit.

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